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where is the summer
2004-11-09-5:33 p.m.

So I'm into my fourth week here. This week and one more to go.

The first week, I was gung-ho, I had a positive attitude, and I was learning a lot.

The second week wasn't bad, still learning a lot, having fun in class.

The third week, my momentum slowed, I grew bored with everything, and my teacher is the most un-fun guy I've met in a while.

This week, the same teacher, and my momentum has all but stalled. Everyone in the class is the same way. It's all we can do to stay awake and pretend to pay attention.

Next week is more interesting equipment, it's stuff I need to learn, and it's the last week, so I predict I'll be chomping at the bit to finish and get home.

It's not so much as I miss home, as it is that I hate it here.

It's cold (and it's not even technically winter yet), this morning I had to spend 10 minutes scraping my windshield off with my hotel room key.

I can only imagine the amount of time and productivity that is lost by living in an area where it snows all the time. If I had to actually dig my car out, go get snowtires, scrape my windshield, and drive slow because of icy roads every day, that extra 20 or 30 minutes a day adds up to a lot of time over the years.

Time that could be better spent drinking corona's at the beach. Oh man what I wouldn't do to sit by the beach and get some sun and get a buzz, go surfing or chasing girls, squinting my eyes because it's so unbearably bright.

Oh well. After this is over I'll feel like I've earned some relaxation, and I mean to take it.

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